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Tell us about your H2Only challenge. Was it hard? Would you do it again? Will you tell your friends? Our survey only takes a few minutes, but you could help make next year’s challenge fantastic.

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    It’s here – your H2Only companion. Designed to help you deny your cravings, with a daily challenge to help give your 10 watery days a bit of flavour.

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    H2only Crew

    You're stronger as a team. So if your tea break buddies are struggling under the pressure, hide the teapot and unplug the vending machine. Nearly there – you can do this.

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    H2only Kit

    If you’re overwhelmed by cravings, or you’ve got a special day coming up, grab a lifeline. Pay a £24 penalty and enjoy 24 hours reunited with your favourite drinks.

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    The H2Only challenge is over - your favorite drinks are back! share a photo of your happy #FirstSipFace

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How much?

You’ll be surprised how much your favourite drinks cost you. Try our drinks counter, and donate the money you’ll save to kick-start your H2Only fund.

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